Teacher & Course's Evaluation

Circle the number (1,2,3,4 or 5) that best represents your answer to each of the following question.
Unsatisfactory | Needs improvement | Satisfactory | Above average | Outstanding |
1)Instructor clearly explained course expectations & requirements.
2)Instructor’s presentations clear, informative, well‐organized.
3)Instructor really knew the subject matter.
4)I was expected to participate in class activities.
5)Instructor showed interest in, respect for, students as persons.
6)There was a reason reasonable workload for this course.
7)Marks were fair, grading standards clearly explained.
8)Instructor stimulated interest in subject matter.
9)The following were useful in learning the course material ( Textbook(s),
Assignments (reading, homework, reports, projects), Handouts, Quizzes and Exams )
10)Instructor answered student questions.
11)Instructor was available / helpful outside of class.
12)Exams returned in a reasonable amount of time.
13)Classes began and ended on time.
14)Career preparation learning outcome ( Better prepared to pursue my ed/career goals,
Better prepared to understand future career options. )

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